Tokai Rika Create Corporation (TORICA) is a unique, development proposal-type fabless company, supplying reliable products meeting a range of needs, such as electrical equipment & parts, raw materials, construction & agricultural vehicles devices, consumer appliances, and more.

Quality management

As a tech-oriented fabless company, we pursue technical quality and achieve high customer satisfaction.

Tokai Rika Create Corporation, or TORICA, is a tech savvy fabless company with a stand-alone Engineering Division,
and the speed of our technological innovation enables us to respond immediately to the rapidly changing market,
unlike ordinary fabless companies, which have no technical department of their own.
Meanwhile, in the area of quality control, generally pointed to as a weakness of fabless companies, we have our own various testing machines and other precision electronic measurement instruments for conducting endurance tests and environmental tests,
enabling us to inspect, evaluate and deliver high quality products.
At the same time, collecting our inspection and evaluation results helps to build up our unique technical data and knowhow, which is useful when proposing optimum materials and specifications, giving feedback on improvement methods, and so on.

Engineering Division operations
  1. Process

    We deal with every process, from development design to quality assurance. We can also enter the process at any particular stage.

    • Product planning
    • Understanding quality requirements
    • Development & design
    • Evaluation & improvement of prototypes
    • Production preparation
    • Maintenance & control
  2. Brain supplier

    With our Engineering Division as the central figure, we develop our business with our excellent partners in Japan and overseas.

    We produce high quality products in the fields of electrical equipment, construction and agricultural vehicles, and home appliances in cooperation with partner companies who can handle everything from 3D design to trial production and mass production. We also direct quality assurance activities, with our Engineering Division drawing up QC process charts and other quality control documents.

  3. Main facilities

    We have many kinds of testing machines at Torica that can perform endurance tests and environmental tests, and we use these to carry out reliability assessments of products.

    In the basement of our Head Office, we have installed an endurance test laboratory, environmental test laboratory, electronic measurement laboratory, precision measurement laboratory, and an inspection room. We maintain a system that can deal with tests quickly and under many different conditions.

  • [ Three-Dimensional Measuring Equipment ]

  • [ Measuring Microscope ]

  • [ Surface Roughness Measuring Machines ]

  • [ Digital Microscope ]

  • [ Stereoscopic Microscope ]

  • [ Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber ]

  • [ Thermal Shock Tester ]

  • [ Rain Test Instrument ]

  • [ Vibration Tester ]

  • [ Dust Test Instrument ]

  • [ CAD ]

  • [ Reciprocating tester ]

  • [ Spectrum analyzer ]

  • [ Spectrum analyzer ]

  • [ Oscilloscope ]