Tokai Rika Create Corporation (TORICA) is a unique, development proposal-type fabless company, supplying reliable products meeting a range of needs, such as electrical equipment & parts, raw materials, construction & agricultural vehicles devices, consumer appliances, and more.

Home Appliances & Components

[ We will propose comfortable, user-friendly living spaces ]

Our operations involve the development, production and sales of mainly plumbing equipment. While meeting customer needs for Q (quality),
C (cost) and D (delivery), we supply high-functional products through our comprehensive measures from material selection to assembly product manufacture.

  • Lavatory accessories

  • Cabinets, Towel hangers

  • Lavatory handrails

  • Faucet fittings

  • Faucet levers, Handles, etc.

  • Bathroom faucet parts

  • Overhead showers

  • Sliding shower hangers

  • Vending machine locks, Truck smart systems

  • Water pipes

Product Range
  • ● Bathroom accessories: Interior bars, Sliding shower hangers, Overhead showers, Storage shelves
  • ● Faucet assembly parts: Elbows, Sockets, Nipples, Diversion valves, Water stop valves
  • ● Accessories products: Handrail, Paper holders, Towel hangers, Paper towel holders
  • ● Cabinets: Wooden cabinets
  • ● Faucet fittings: Faucet covers, Handles(resin, metal), Metal fittings, Water taps, Hose fittings, Water pipes
  • ● Truck smart systems
  • ● Vending machine locks